Posted by: Jason Fitch | April 20, 2010

My Sister has Down Syndrome

My blog has focused primarily on the relationship between Carly and myself.  However, I am a lucky dad who has two other kids, Emma and Brady, who I love dearly and I am very proud of.  Both Emma and Brady have done a wonderful job of being Carly’s big siter and big brother.  They both have been very understanding of the extra time and attention Carly receives.  I was curious to see how Emma felt about having a sister that has Down Syndrome and asked her if it would be ok if I interviewed her for my blog.  She happily agreed and even came up with a couple questions of her own.

The following interview helps share Emma’s viewpoint of what it is like being sister to a sibling that has Down Syndrome.

My sister has Down Syndrome:

An interview with Emma

  1. How many brothers and sisters do you have?One sister, three brothers.  Two of my brothers live with my mommy and stepdad.
  2. How did you feel when you found out that Carly has Down Syndrome?I didn’t know what Down Syndrome was and once I figured it out I was kind of sad.  I didn’t know what would happen with Carly when she learned stuff, would she not learn as well as other kids, and would she not grow as tall.  I felt that maybe having a sister with Down Syndrome is just like having a “regular” sister.
  3. How does having a sibling, sister, with Down Syndrome, compare to having siblings, brothers, who don’t?It’s not really different.  Sometimes you don’t feel like you have enough attention.  And when I fight with my brother, Brady, I see Carly and it makes my day better.
  4. What has surprised you about having a sister with Downs?Mostly health stuff, like yesterday, my dad said that Carly is probably going to need glasses.  I said “Glasses?”  It was a surprise.
  5. What do you like to do in your free time?At school, I like to play with my friends, especially freeze tag, and I like math, spelling, and reading.  At home, I like to play cheerleader, princess, and pretending I am in high school.
  6. What do you look forward to doing with Carly in the future?I look forward to sharing a room with her, playing with her, and helping her learn how to read, like how I teach my brother.  I look forward to helping out more with her.
  7. What do you want to be when you grow up?I want to be an author, a professional speaker, a country singer, and cheerleader.
  8. Tell me about your lucky toe?I have two toes on my right foot that don’t spread out as far as my other toes and I think it helps me with my math, reading, and my spelling.  That is what makes it lucky.
  9. Do you and Carly have a special way of communicating with each other?Usually when she starts to say something and I think that she won’t be able to say it, I will let people know what she is trying to say.  Like when she smiles I know she is happy and likes what she is doing.  And when she bangs her feet, she is really happy.
  10. What is your favorite part of the day with Carly?Sitting next to her in the car on the way to and from school and being the first one to see her at her school when we pick her up.

Thank you for your time Emma and thank you for being a wonderful sister and a wonderful daughter.



  1. Emma is a very special big sister. Thank you all for helping her become a kind and generous spirit.

  2. Loved reading the interview with Emma! She is going to be a great big sis to Carly! Carly is a lucky girl to have her as a sis. How can you go wrong with a sis with some lucky toes!

  3. Wow, Emma is such a lovely big sister. My own daughter has DS and her half-sister is also great, but she lives with her mum and only sees us every month or so.

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